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13423864_10207408325381112_3168878258227477959_niconFilmed at Coal Harbour Community Centre in downtown Vancouver, BC, 'Yoga Moves for Every Body' program is designed to encourage healthy habits, improved mobility and vital energy, especially great to practice between classes, when you're traveling or whenever you want to move your body. We have created online classes for you!

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Meet Sandra Leigh:

Namasté Friend! My yoga journey began 1991 at the West End Community Centre in Vancouver, BC, with my first teacher, Lilian Bianchi. Lilian's lifelong experience and gentle guidance in Hatha Yoga was my foundation. Her classes would continue to help me process all the many growth spurts of my late 20's and 30's. Eventually, I would become Lilian's assistant at the community centre.

In 1996, it was with Lilian's encouragement that I decided dive deeper into the yoga lifestyle, living/working/studying at Yasodhara Ashram, near Nelson, BC, where I completed a yoga development certification course (YDC) and participated in a "karma yoga" youth work program, staying on for about a year.

When I returned to Vancouver, I knew I somehow wanted to help make a difference in the world, but even then, I lacked the confidence needed to step into the role of teacher. It was then, I met one of Lilian's teachers, her close friend, Sandra Sammartino, who offered an independent yoga teacher certificate course at her Kairos Studio in White Rock, BC. I made the trek to White Rock for a number of years, and I truly appreciate Sandra for recognizing yoga as a therapy. I grew more confident in my 30's and finally stepped on the mat to teach.

Sandra Sammartino was also the original pioneer of 'Yoga Outreach' programs and she mentored many of my first teaching experiences, including working one to one with Therapeutic Yoga. Another Yoga Outreach placements took me to after school program, yoga for children /youth with Down's Syndrome and Autism on the NorthShore. Through Yoga Outreach, I was also mentored to teach yoga for young men held at a youth corrections facility in Burnaby (Willingdon). I also began to get my feet wet, teaching my first regular adult yoga classes at the YMCA in Vancouver and I began subbing for Lilian in 1997, until Lilian eventually moved to Vancouver Island, when I inherited her Monday night yoga classes at the community centre.

During this time, I dedicated myself to the continued to study and practice yoga through specialized trainings, Dru Yoga Teacher Training course (BC, Canada), Dru Meditation Teacher course, (North Wales, UK) and Dru Sound & Mantra course (North Wales and India) training with Dru UK from 2000 - 2015.

Around 2001, I was also working at Banyen Books, a local independent bookstore, when yoga (as an industry) began to boom. A new yoga book, yoga video, or DVD would show up in the new arrivals section on a near daily basis for many months, even years. The yoga section eventually grew from one small shelf of Hittleman and Iyengar type books, to into an entire room, dedicated to accept the flood of both traditional and western influenced yoga media. The yoga boom did not stop there.

"According to a 2016 Yoga Journal report,  36.7 million people practise yoga in the US, up from 20.4 million in 2012. The yoga market is now worth $16bn (£12bn) in the US and $80bn (£74bn) globally." Sep 17, 2017

All this time, my heart craved passage to India and I took my first adventure, a (3 month long) Indian Classical music study retreat, in Varanasi, 2008. Later, I went on to learn about recording arts and music production and have released my last CD on my own independent label, SandhyaRecords©  You can listen to my music, here.

I continue to keep connection with India alive in my heart through the modern miracle of online Satsang, Skype, and sometimes, Zoom classes. My daily personal practice is a bhakti yoga approach, and includes singing songs (bhajan, mantra) that originate from The Teachings of Shri Vallabhacharya and Pushtimarg, also known as the path of grace.

2018/2019 update: Regretfully, I have drastically reduced my teaching schedule due to ongoing health concerns, including recovery from bi-lateral wrist surgeries, etc.

At present, I am still available (but on a reduced schedule) at both the West End Community Centre and Coal Harbour CC, in Vancouver.

'Yoga Moves for Every Body' TV Show on (Shaw Community TV 2016 - 2018)  was inspired by our community and encourages you to reach your personal health, wellness and fitness goals safely.YMFEB.LOGO.13FEB16

'Yoga Moves for Every Body' was filmed at Coal Harbour Community Centre in Vancouver, BC, 🇨🇦

Join us Tuesday afternoon for 'Ageless Yoga' at Coal Harbour Community Centre. Registration recommended, Drop-in available (space permitting) call 604-718-8222 and ask for Ageless Yoga with Sandra Leigh. First timers, please come early for registration and set up.


Join Sandra Leigh for Yoga Moves & Meditation (in the p.m) Monday nights at 7 pm at The West End Community Centre.

I am grateful to live, work and practice on the unceded, ansestral territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil Waututh Nations.