Yoga Moves for Every Body TV Show

13423864_10207408325381112_3168878258227477959_niconFilmed at the Coal Harbour Community Centre in downtown Vancouver, BC in  2016, 'Yoga Moves for Every Body' TV classes were designed to encourage healthy habits, improved mobility and vital energy between classes, when traveling or whenever you want to move your body. We are online with a mini yoga class for you!


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Our vision is to reach out with our modified yoga program, sharing accessible healing 'yoga moves' TV to an online community and it's FREE to join on YouTube.

Meet the teacher, 'Yoga Moves for Every Body' Host, Sandra Leigh:

Namasté Friend! My yoga journey began by attending Hatha Yoga classes at the community centre in the West End, Vancouver, BC, with my first teacher, Lilian Bianchi. It was 1991. Lilian's genuine, wise and gentle guidance in Hatha Yoga was my foundation in my later 20's. Her classes were unique, firm yet, intimate and would continue to wake me up, practicing and processing all the many growth spurts 30 would bring. Eventually, I would become Lilian's assistant.

In 1996, I would need to get over a rather traumatic divorce. It was with Lilian's encouragement, I decided to take refuge from my broken dreams and dive deeper into the yoga lifestyle, living/working/studying at an ashram, near Nelson, BC where I completed a certified yoga development course (YDC) and participated in a "karma yoga" work program with the youth group there. I came back from the ashram, feeling changed. Alas, I was still green, barely 30, searching.

I left the ashram after a year. I had been turned on to service and I wished to continue that adventure, so I met Lilian's teacher and close friend, Sandra Sammartino. Back in the day, we attended all of Sandra's retreats and I studied at her Kairos Studio in White Rock, BC for a couple of years. Sandra Sammartino was the original pioneer of 'Yoga Outreach' programs, and she set me up with my first few experiences of teaching, one to one with Therapeutic Yoga. She somehow knew I would fit well teaching people with limited mobility.

I began teaching part time public yoga classes in 1997. I went on to work at a local independent bookstore and right about when we saw Yoga (as an industry) begin to boom! 2001, 2002, 2003, almost every day a new book would show up for the new arrivals section. Personally, the timing was just right as my mind was curious as ever about yoga. The more I learned about yoga, the more I craved travel to India. Spiritually curious by nature, I took my first trip for a 3.5 month India retreat in 2008. With dedication, I continued to study, completing the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course (Vancouver) a Dru Meditation Teacher course (N. Wales and Scotland) and Dru Sound & Mantra course (N. Wales and more India)

Later, I would go on to produce 'Yoga Moves for Every Body'  TV show for community television. I remain the type of person that believes in wonder. Mostly, I wonder what's next?

IMG_20160202_141754803_HDR copy'Yoga Moves for Every Body' inspires and encourages you to reach your health and fitness goals, safely and feel positively great as a result! Thank you for subscribing for our channel!


Yoga Moves for Every Body was filmed at Coal Harbour Community Centre in Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦