Yoga Moves for Every Body – TV Show

April 20, 2017
by site mgmt

Sadly and rather suddenly (but inevitably), Shaw TV Channel 4 community programming closed permanently in April, 2017, a result of the changing industry from analogue to digital TV.

Gratitude for the empowered experience and BIG thanks to Sandra Trotter’s incredible volunteer coordinating skill and team of helpers/ guest teachers, Shaw TV & Shaw Multi Cultural Channels and every one at Yoga Moves for Every Body Here we are on the scene shooting our first episodes in January, 2016.

Shout out to Shaw TV Vancouver for all the technical helping hands 🙏✨ Sandra Trotter & Sandra Murphy, Mat Gilroy, JD & crew, Sarah, Anne, Peter, Leanne, Charles-Eric, Lenn, Katie, Emily, Yvette, Victoria, Ruby, Helen, Stephanie H., Erica and Love Prema design! Special thanks to staff at the Coal Harbour Community Centre and the West End Community Centre Association for your support in providing a beautiful venue for the TV show.