Yoga Moves for Every Body – TV Show

April 3, 2012
by site mgmt

Introducing our TV series Yoga Moves for Every Body

How did the TV show come together? I was approached by my long-time student, Sandra Trotter (from Shaw TV) and asked if I would be interested in developing a Yoga series for Shaw TV Channel 4, based on our lovely classes at the community centre. It ended up a really fun project, too! We felt honoured to volunteer for a greater vision (health & peace), all whilst learning some new skills, and making lovely, new friends, too!

So, thanks to Sandra Trotter’s volunteer coordinating skill, and with a team of helpers, teachers and Shaw TV,  Yoga Moves for Every Body was created! We began shooting our first episodes in January, 2016.

We had a good experience, hands-on, learning new technical skills, including acting skills, too! Shout out to Shaw TV Vancouver for all the generous mentoring! Thank you for all the technical helping hands that made this 1st season possible 🙏✨ Sandra Trotter & Sandra Murpy, Mat Gilroy, JD & crew, Sarah, Anne, Peter, Leanne, Charles-Eric, Lenn, Katie, Emily, Yvette, Victoria, Ruby, Helen, Stephanie H., Erica and Love Prema design! Thanks to ALL the volunteers for helping create Yoga Moves for Every Body!


Special thanks to staff at the Coal Harbour Community Centre and the association for a beautiful venue for our TV show. Coal Harbour Community Centre is located in downtown, Vancouver.

We also offer a variety of yoga classes at the West End Community Centre/ Coal Harbour Community Centre.

Call 604 257 8333 or pick up a brochure at 870 Denman Street.

Yoga Moves and related course are offered exclusively through Vancouver Parks and Recreation.
Please click through for all of Sandra’s Yoga classes (and more!) through Vancouver Parks and Recreation Programs – #VanPlay