Here’s what people are saying about their yoga classes with Sandra Leigh:

“My heart is grateful for you and for all the many ways you make the world a better place. Peace and Love.” – E.C. ‘Jet’ Johnson, Captain Retired

“Oh Sandra, I want to tell you that your classes on Thursday nights (Restorative Yoga) were often what calmed me after a challenging week and where I found the deepest relaxation I have ever had. I miss them very much.  I specifically remember one night we were relaxing at the end of class and you were singing (which I loved) and then you walked around with your bells and came to each of us – when you came to me I was experiencing the   deepest relaxation I have ever felt. I have wanted to experience that ever since but have never had that gift since. Thank you for all you gave me, Sandra. I wish we lived closer so I could attend your classes.” – Merle Viaud, 2023

“Sandra’s unique approach to yoga is inspiring and life-changing. Each class is an adventure in exploration of body and spirit. Thank you for your many and spirit expanding gifts.” – Diane Marshall

“I have attended classes led by Sandra since 1999 when I arrived in Vancouver and decided to become a runner. Her Yoga classes helped me stretch out tired muscles after long Sunday runs, she saved my legs if not my life! Since then, I have watched her expand her talents to teach, to involve and to bring joy to our west end community – she is now a West End institution. She sings, he makes music, she tells stories, she enlightens and she brings joy with her grace, her humour, her kindness and her gentle encouragement.” – Bob Foulkes

“My husband and I totally love the stretching and the breathing and have never studied under such a fantastic yogi as Sandra. Our balance has improved dramatically and it is a lot of FUN.” – Marion and Michael North

“I have benefited immensely from doing Yoga with Sandra these past few years. People have noticed this in the way I move and in my posture.  I am slowly stretching out and reversing decades of damage caused by sitting at my job.  My joints rarely bother me and I have also gained strength which has been a pleasant surprise.   In addition, I am learning how to breathe properly, be more mindful and at peace with my environment and those around me.   Thanks Sandra.  These classes mean far more to me than I ever thought they would.” – Edith Chmielnicki

“I love this class because it is inclusive and fun, relaxing and invigorating; you have struck the perfect balance, Sandra!” – Anne Berridge

“I truly enjoy Sandra Leigh’s yoga classes, finding her an amazing instructor who is able keeps the classes intimate while allowing each person fulfill the exercises at their own level.  She is enthusiastic and creative in her approach and has a thorough knowledge of the different types and practices of yoga which give a unique added dimension to classes.  Classes are varied and fun and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in attending yoga and yoga relaxation.” – Pamela Swanson

“Our instructor, Sandra Leigh, is a passionate, professional yoga teacher, mindful of all our physical and social needs, inspiring all of us!  Just great!” – Selma Furman

“One of the very best things I have ever done for my overall health is sign up for Sandra’s 50 +yoga.  She is an A++in every way.” – Ruby Weinshenker

“Inspiring, deeply knowledgeable, a gifted teacher and talented musician,  Sandra brings all this to her Yoga class. It’s largely because of the yoga classes with Sandra that I feel so well. She’s the West End’s Answer to Dr. Oz. Her classes make age 70 feel like 40.” – Linda Stender

“When I first started Sandra’s class I had a lot of pain in my knees and hips due to arthritis. It was hard for me to walk down stairs straight on I would take one at a time or go down sideways. I had trouble sleeping due to the pain in my knees and hips. But know I have no pain in my knees and can walk down stairs straight on with ease and sleep like a baby. I’m not taking anything for arthritis but Sandra’s yoga class. I also was a very shallow breather and when I started the easy breathing I could only breath in on the first movement, and now I can breath in through all three movements with ease. Sandra’s yoga classes are one of the best thing that have happened to me!” – Fern Cameron

“I am really enjoying Sandra Leigh’s yoga class. Sandra gently takes us through postures and movements that leave me feeling both energized and relaxed. She has a wonderful way of teaching where she clearly explains and demonstrates each exercise while offering other interesting bits of information. I’ve learned something new at every of the 20 or so classes I’ve attended so far. As long as I can keep moving I’ll keep coming to Sandra’s classes. And as long as I keep coming to these classes, I’ll keep moving! Thanks, Sandra.” – Jacqueline Young

“I am experiencing unexpected benefits from attending the yoga classes with Sandra Leigh – like developing an awareness of my body and breath. At times my body seems to sparkle with a feeling of alertness. Wow.” – Barb Hutchison

“There is always a pleasant flow to the yoga class with Sandra.  We have a gentle warm up before we do more energetic and strenuous work.”
– Ross Hutchison

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